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Insects are fascinating photographic subjects. When viewing them up close, they can either convey a sense of intricate beauty or look like some fearsome sci-fi beast. Now that I'm trying to photograph them, I have to resist the urge to erradicate the undesirable ones, at least until after I got some good shots of them.

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 This big green scarab beetle (approx 1.5    It rolls down the leaf as it climbs over it.   Its weight bends the vine over!  This scarab beetle took off flying right after this shot and circled around before landing on another raspbery bushes 
 I looked at where it had landed, and saw that it had found a mate!  I pulled on the branch  to get a better view, but the movement caused the male to lose it's grip on the female as it dangled underneath.  Remaining coupled, the male tries to swing itself back up to grab the leaf.  The unbalanced weight starts to pull the female off the vine as she desperately trys to hang on.  The pair fell down onto the soil, but they  remained coupled, and continued with the mating process.  The male is on the bottom.     After it was over, the male crawls away.  An ant, apparently attracted by the scent, was crawling on the beetles back.  The female is going to burrow into the soil to lay her eggs.  The male has climbed atop a vine to rest up and wait, perhaps, for another encounter.    A different kind of beetle on the tomato vine.   Little beetles on a tomato.     Ladybird Beetles      Rhinocerus Beetle   Brown Beetle  Honey bees were buzzing all around the     On a Lavender.Blossom  On the Raspberry Blossoms
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