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Whenever I am outside, I always look around for signs of wildlife to shoot. Unless I go elsewhere to look for them, the common animals that I encounter are usually squirrels or someone's pet. Once, I noticed a raccoon family in my backyard and was able to get off a bunch of shots while they foraged about.

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 Two racoon cubs had climbed the tree  Mother racoon is standing watch down below.  Mother racoon takes her perch after the cubs had continued climbing to the branches above.  Mother racoon continues to maintain her alert..   Mother racoon starts to preen herself while she keeps her  watch.    Wondering what her cubs are up to?  Time to fetch the cubs.  Grey Squirrel   This squirrel almost looks like it has a cigarette in his mouth.  Checking around for food.  Here are some nibbles!  Eating time!   Squirrel in the Guava  Black Squirrel   Black Squirrel  Caliornia Ground Squirrel    Tule Elks at Pt. Reyes      The  bull of the herd.   Bovines   Flock of Sheep Herded by Sheepdog   Box Turtle
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